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This is an album of cards that increase damage based on the type of monster. They are arranged in order of effect intensity. Increases damage inflicted on Demihuman and Angel monster by 50%. MATK+10%. Maximum SP-50%. Whenever you do a Magical attack, 10% additional damage vs. Angel type enemies. Increases damage against Angel type monsters by 20% Mini Demon Card - Receive 10% more Experience Points from Brute monsters.Receive 20% more damage from Brute monster...

Demon Pungus Card - Add a 6% chance of auto casting 'Sleep' on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage... This is an album of cards that reduce damage based on the type of monster. Reduce damage from Angel monsters by 30%. Reduce damage from Insect monsters by 30%. Reduce damage from Guardians during War of Emperium hours by 50%. Reduce damage from the Demon monsters by 30%. Reduce damage from Demon monsters by 15% Menblatt Card. DEX. Ranged Attack Damage + 1%. of Shooter. Antique Book Card. INT. MATK + 5. of Intellectual. There is also a different set of these types of cards where the bonus for each 10 points of base Stat are not as potent, but provides a really strong bonus to offset it when reaching 120 base Stat

Increase Experience Point Cards. This is an album of cards that give more experience depending on the monsters' type. Receive 10% more Experience Points from DemiHuman monsters. Receive 20% more damage from DemiHuman monster. Receive 10% more Experience Points from Demon monsters. Receive 20% more damage from Demon monster Combo effect: +10% additional Critical damage. Critical Rate + 30% on [Formless] monsters. Increase natural HP and SP regeneration rate by 25%. Recover +30 HP and +3 SP each time a monster is killed by Physical Melee Damage. When refined to +7, additional +10 HP and +1 SP each time a monster is killed by Physical Melee Damage This is an album of cards that increase your maximum SP, your SP recovery, your actual SP with a triggered condition or reduce SP consumption of skills. 1 Card Combos 1.1 Zombie Slaughter & Ragged Zombie 1.2 Incubus & Succubus Combo Effect: Gain 2 SP for killing a DemiHuman monster. Combo Effect: SP Recovery+30%. INT+4 Demon. Demons are a race of monster. Notably they are one of the two races to ignore all Hiding related skills, which include Cloaking, Stalk, Stealth, and Hiding iteself. The skill Blessing lowers their Flee and Hit when cast on them. Cards concerning the Demon race are: Ancient Worm Card: Receive 10% more Experience Points from Demon monsters The Card Monsters in Ragnarok M Eternal Love is one of the key items to increase the stat of all of your equipment and add new attributes for your character like bash, hiding and more abilities. There are 7 types of cards that can be use for specific equipment type

Look up Demon Pungus's spawn location on iRO / kRO, spawn amount and spawn time. Where to find Demon Pungus. Demon Pungus's item drop, stats, hit, flee, range, speed, race, element, size, base exp, job exp, hp and sp Subscribe to more guide video ! thanks.. - RAGNAROK ETERNAL LOVE | FARMING 1 HIT HARPY | SOUL BREAKER!! @ https://youtu.be/OW5ckrYm18 of Doom. Description. Add a 10% chance of auto casting Level 5 Meteor Storm on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage. [ + Dark Illusion Card] Maximum HP and SP + 20%. Reduce cast time by an additional 10%. More Information on Combo: Dark Lord Card & Dark Illusion Card. Item Script Below is a list of Ragnarok Mobile Cards, its effects and exchange prices. Only non-mvp modifier cards (Size, Element and Race) have been included as they are obtainable and typically provide the largest impact to increasing your character's damage

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Look up Mini Demon's spawn location on iRO / kRO, spawn amount and spawn time. Where to find Mini Demon. Mini Demon's item drop, stats, hit, flee, range, speed, race, element, size, base exp, job exp, hp and sp You can get these cards by the following methods: Monsters Drop - The original and classic way to obtain a card is by a random drop from Monsters.; Old Card Album - You'll get this from quest and event rewards.; Card Fragments - You can also collect up to 360 card fragment from a random drop on MVPs and Mini to form a Gold card.; Cat Hand Corp. Coin (Gacha) - For at least 60 coins. Uzhas Card - Increases magical damage inflicted on Demon monsters by 10%. If the compounded gear is refined to +9 or higher, Increases magical damage inflicted on Demon monsters by an additional 5%. Card : Card Location : Headgear Weight : The final fight has three stages: Morroc in his kid form a.k.a. Demigod until you reach 50% of HP. Morroc summons Morroc of the Sabbath & Morroc of the Genesis and killing them reduces Demigod's HP to 20%. Morroc in his adult form a.k.a. Despair God Morroc. Besides Earthquake, that both Demigod and Despair God Morroc have, the rest doesn't hurt.

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  1. If you did all the Morroc events, you should be able to get your demon morroc card today, We also have some crystals now that can be use to exchange a 'job e..
  2. Demon God's Apostle Ahat Card - MaxSP + 5% When equipped with Demon God's Apostle Shnaim Card, additional MaxSP + 5%. Class: Card Compound on: Accessory Weight:
  3. Item Info. Khalitzburg Card. Reduces damage received from [Demon] race by 30%. Set bonus with Happy Shield [1]: Increases the experience given from [Demon] race monsters by 5%. If Happy Shield upgrade level is +6 or higher: Increases the experience given from [Demon] race monsters by an additional 5%. If Happy Shield upgrade level is +8 or higher
  4. Blue Gemstone x1. Oridecon x1 7.99 %. Royal Jelly x1 5.07 %. Snake Demon's Pupils x1 6.52 %. Earth Elemental Crystal x5 36.08 %. Snake Demon Gorgons Card x1. White Snake Chime Blueprint x1 0.09 %. Blue Sky - Knuckles [2] x1. Snake Demon Gorgons Transformation Scroll x1 0.3 %
  5. Item Info. Big Bell Card. Increases physical damage against [Formless] and [Demon] races by 10%. Set bonus with Neo Punk Card, Reduces damage received from [Formless] and [Demon] races by 5%. Ignores 50% of [Formless] and [Demon] monster's Defense Rate. Main

Ragnarok X: Next Generation have a cards feature, the card have grade and special effect and can be compounded into Weapons or armor or accessories. You can obtain the card by kill the monster, every killed monster will have the possibility to drop a card Dragon. From iRO Wiki. Dragons are a race of monsters. The majority of them are found in and around Abyss Lake . Cards concerning the Dragon race are: Draco Egg Card: Increases magical damage on Dragon race targets by 10%. Dragon Egg Card: Adds a 0.5% chance of the ' Honey Herbal Tea ' item dropping when killing a Dragon monsters

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Nine Tail. Orc Zombie Card. Damage From Formless monsters -10%. Damage From Demi Human monsters -10%. Damage From Plant monsters -10%. Blue. CloaK. Orc Zombie. Jakk Card Talk to Demon God's Apostle Ahat. Step 2 Kill Ahat and Shnaim. You will receive Soul of Shnaim and Soul of Ahat; Step 3 Fill in the Empty Soul Globes with the souls and warp will open, enter it. Step 4 Talk with Strange Boy. Step 5 Talk to Nidhogg and enter the warp to hunt down 1st boss. Tips Take as many Frost Crystal needed for next boss fight This is an album of cards that increaseyour Vitality stat. 1 Card Combos 1.1 Pecopeco & Grand Peco 1.2 Geographer, Rideword, Enchanted Peach Tree, Cookie & Seal Combo Effect: DEF+3. VIT+3. Combo Effect: VIT+10. Reduce Casting Time by 10%. Acolyte Class: Receive 30% less damage from Demon and Undead monster. Receive 5% more Experience Points from Demon and Undead monsters Color (to be updated) 3. Weapon Card 4. Shield Card 5. Head Gear Card 6. Armor Card 7. Garment Card 8. Foot Gear Card 9. Accessory Card 10. Contact/About Me 11

Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Much thanks guys. Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord Processing Time: 0.004 se Despair God Morocc Card - Transforms into Despair God Morocc for 5 seconds when using First Aid. Atk + 10%, MaxHP - 50%. Increases physical damage against demihuman and angel race enemies by 30%. Class: Card Compound on: Shoes Weight: Item Info. Gloom Under Night Card. Increases physical damage against [Angel] and [Demon] race targets by 40%. Increases physical damage against [Shadow] and [Holy] element targets by 40%. Main If this card is used by a character with 99 base INT, the chance of casting Kyrie Eleison increases. Ancient Worm - Every time you kill a Demon-type monster, you receive 10% bonus EXP from that kill, but receive 20% additional damage from Demon-type monsters. Antique Firelock - +2 STR. +10% HP/SP if refine rate of footgear is greater than 8 Monster preview for Demon race monsters. Search monster by size, type, race, or element. Search ROM items and equipments, Look up monster base experience, job experience, stats, sub stats, location, drops, properties, and other information! With our easy to use ROM monster database, you're sure to find what you're looking for

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Demon. Element. Shadow (RO) Fire (RO2) Natural Habitat. Labyrinth Forest, Payon Forest, Garden of Baphomet. Baphomet is a legendary notorious demon that lives in the deep jungle. He treats Norman beings as insects. The scythe he carries with him is powerful enough to slay a large number of enemies at a time Couldn't agree more. What bugs me more about this event is that, once the puzzle complete, we will get Morroc Demon Weapon Voucher. Then you buy Morroc Demon Weapon Voucher so you can unlock the card, then you buy the card which automatically complete the quest and you GET THE VOUCHER AGAIN Cards Event. Cards Event; ROXDB - Ragnarok Next Generation Database. Ads Monster Database Size: Element: Race: Level:-Search. Ads 2021© Ming Production. About Contact. Ragnarok Online M:Eternal Love database and resources. Find information on items, NPCs, monsters, furnitures, equipments, cards, MVP here on ROMCodex.com Increases magical damage on Demon race targets by an additional 10%. If the compounded item upgrade level is +9 or higher, increases magical damage on Demon race targets by an additional 5%. Baba Yaga Card Class: Card Compounds On: Shoes Weight: 1 Increases Flee by 2 per upgrade level of the compounded item. Wood Goblin Card Class: Card.

Weapon Cards In General:Weapons Cards, as stated, are cards that a player can slot into a Sloted Weapon. By doing so, the Weapon will receive the bonus mentioned on the card. Weapon have a minimum of 0 slots, to a maximum of 4. Thus at a time, a Weapon can have up to 4 card's worth of Bonuses.Cards that increases your Damage Vs. Elements, Races, Sizes are your best way to increase your damage. Cards in RO can be a player's best friend. They offer a level of character customization that can make playing RO happen in an entirely unique way. But with so many cards to choose from, how do you know what to look for? Demon Pungus Card Mesmerizing 6% Sleep Skel Prisoner Card of Sleep 3% Chance increase if Skeleton Card is also equipped. Oh man finally! Hope you guys enjoy the run and are able to enjoy the content yourself!Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MunbalancedMy gear in this v.. In Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, all monsters each have different elements. Knowing what your target's element is allows you to significantly increase your damage by using the weakness of your target's element. This guide will teach you how to boost your farming efficiency and leveling speed by using the elements table, elemental converters, and cards

S Special Series 1 Alternative: Buddy Ragnarok is the 1st S Special Series Alternative released in the English format. It is also the final booster to be released for Future Card Buddyfight. 1 Features 2 Video 3 Set Gallery 4 Card List 4.1 World Breakdown Contains 172 cards (8 reprints) (18 SR/16 SP/84 RRR/54 RR). Each box will contain 1 copy of every card! All cards are RR or above! Some. For Ragnarok Online on the PC, Card Database by SoulEclipse. SoulEclipse's Card Database v.1.2.2 NOTICE: Well, it's time to update my card database but I would need help from players themselves Monster ID Monster Name Diabolic Card Drop Chance Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element; 1382: Diabolic 0.01%: 67: Demon: Level 2 Dar Cards that slightly increase the acid bombs damages are: centipede larva card (4452)>INT+1, MATK+3. evil snake lord card (4430)>INT+3, immune to blind and curse status. Quote

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Strouf Card - Damage to Demon Monsters +25% [D: Dmg to Demon +3%, L/D/C: Dmg to Demon +2%] Armor: Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free-to-play fantasy RPG based off the original Ragnarok Online franchise, developed by XD Global and licensed by Gravity Interactive. 55.0k Item ID. 4204 - Mini_Demon_Card. Type. Card. Receive 10% more Experience Points from Brute monsters. Receive 20% more damage from Brute monster. Type : Card. Compound on : Footgear. Weight : 1 This is because in Ragnarok Mobile the primary goal of many players is to increase their damage output as it directly affects farming and leveling rate, leading to massive amounts of zeny and boasting rights. The most sought after cards are the ones that make the biggest impact on damage to monsters will be Size Modifier Cards Ultraman Card - This card increases damage to brute and demon race monsters by 8%. You probably need two of these. Deviruchi Card - Depositing this card will increase your damage to demon race monsters by 2%. Munak Star Card (optional) - 15% ignore Mdef. Harpies have 156 Mdef so pumping your ignore Mdef stat is a good idea

Gibbet. Gibbets were originally ordinary tree spirits that were transformed into monsters by the influence of Niflheim. The seeds of the Gibbets are not self-conscious until after they grow up and sprout from the earth. As they age, they once again lose their consciousness and become trees once again. They are a mysterious part of the Misty. Baphomet Card. Effect. Hit +10. Damage to all monsters +10%. Melee auto attack deals spray damage to the target and surrounding targets in a small range. Perma Buff. Hit +10 Baphomet Card. Hit +10. Damage to all monsters +10%. Melee auto attack deals spray damage to the target and surrounding targets in a small range. Deposit Reward: Atk + 10, M.Atk +10. Unlock Reward: Hit +10. Bloody Knight Card. Auto attack has a 5% chance to trigger Meteor Storm Lv.10

Cobalt Mineral Card. Intangible. Demon. #Class3renewal #Class3renew #Class3ro #Class3 #Ragnarok Class3 #Ragnarok Renew zombie-Rozombie-Ro#คลาส3 #คลาสสาม #Ro เถื่อน Class3 Nexzombie-Rozombie-Rozombie-Rozombie-Rozombie-Rozombie-RotRO zombie-Ro #zombie-ro #zombieRo #ServRag #Server Ragnarok In the Ragnarok X: Next Generation mobile game, there are several types of monsters including monsters that have a high aggressive and there are also those that do not have an aggressive. Besides that monsters can drop some items that we can use for needs such as making headgear or quests, and monsters can also drop card, and each monster has a. Ragnarok M Eternal Love 2.0 is about to start the new crossover event in the game on Friday, the Slayers X Ragnarok. The event will bring new adventure and flavors to the game, allowing players to enjoy these 8 different event. Table of Contents Slayer Event Puzzle (Event 1) Check-in Quest: Newcomer's visit. The weapons, armor, and accessories you wear. Main Weapon (right hand) Weapon Type. Unarmed Dagger Mace One-handed Axe One-handed Sword Rod (One and two-handed) Card Shortcuts. Card Shortcuts Remove All +20% +40% +60% +80% Size Type 2x Size Type 3x Size Type 4x Elemental + Star Crumb Elemental + Star Crumb 2x Star Crumb 3x Andre 2x Andre 3x. This thread is archived. I could be mistaken but i think dark and shadow are the same in that they are the element of the monster. Demon on the other hand is the race. this is correct. A lot of players doesn't get this. Using aspersio does not increase your damage to demon such as TH OB

Ragnarok Online: the game 40 million people play Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. Anopheles Card Book of Soyga Increases the experience given from Insect race monsters by 5%. Increases the experience given from Demon race monsters by an additional 5% Request R$ withdrawal. Once you've earned some R$, you request a withdrawal and it's automatically paid to your linked account. Get Started NOW! YouTube. RBX Demon. 2.56K subscribers. Subscribe. How to Get Free R$ using RBXDemon - Complete Guide 2021. Watch later Diabolic - Every time you kill a Demon-type monster via physical melee attack, you recover 5 SP. Unequipping equipment with this card in will cost you 5 SP. Doppelganger - +1% attack speed. Dracula - Enable a 10% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as SP with each attack. Drainliar - +20% damage vs. Water-property monsters

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Ragnarok Weapon Boss Cards. Atroce Card - ATK + 25. When dealing a physical attack there is a small chance that for 10 seconds your aspd will increase by 100%. comments: Alternative Card for Doppelganger Card. Baphomet Card - Endow a weapon with damage that will splash 9 cells around the character with each attack. HIT - 10 Ragnarok Online GPU Analysis Comparing Ragnarok Online PC system requirements to all GPUs shows that Ragnarok Online is going to need a graphics card that is capable of DX 9 or OpenGL 1.5. Weight : 1. Poaching. Arma. Dark Priest Card. Dark Priest Card. Add the 5% chance of decreasing enemy's SP amount by 10% when attacking. If worn by Sage or Scholar, it gains 1 SP every time when doing Physical Attack on monsters. Class : Card. Compound on: Weapon Shield. Mistress the Revenant Card. Effects: Magic attacks have a 50% chance to trigger the swarm attack effect, making the target bleed (cannot be removed). Can stack up to 3 times and lasts 10 seconds. Each stack increases the target's damage received from Mages by 5%. (Card effects do not stack.

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Launch date: [March 31, 2020] Seasonal Server Card Captor RO Join our quest in collecting all cards in RO. In March 31 @time = 00:00 ccRO will be launching a Seasonal Server that will be wiped every six months.The server currently running will be called Main Server from now on, and will be kept functional in parallel to the Seasonal Server. The Seasonal Server will be similar to the Main. What to Farm. There are a total of 15 new non MVP monsters spanning across the 3 new maps Sunset Beach, Whitebait Lake and Moonlight Grotto. All the monsters share similar Base EXP + Job Exp / HP ratio. With Wasteland monsters having a slight advantage. We'll have to wait a while for common drop and card prices to settle Enemy Attack Range: (unchanged) Melee (4 or less cells away) Long Range (5 or more cells away) Enemy Attack Skills: Basic Attack Brandish Spear Lv 20 Shadow Attribute Attack / Darkness Attack Lv 5 Arrow Repel Lv 1. Player's Dodge Ratio. 6.04 %. Enemy Attack Element. Neutral (100% vs Neutral 1) Minimum Damage Received Alright guys, so in a few days the official Thailand's RO renewal will be open. I'm looking for tips on how to get a head start as to what class to play as a first char (my friends will be playing BS and AB) and what items, card, equip to farm? Both for gearing my char and making zenny. Right now I'm looking at Gx, Ranger, and RK

Baphomet Jr. A cub of Baphomet, which is curious about new things. Although it's small and cute, its combat power is good. If it's provoked, it will wield the reaper scythe to wipe out the enemy. Even if it can't beat the enemy, Baphomet is behind it Ragnarok Online List Of Best Sniper/ Ranger... Home; April 15, 2010 0 Likes 0 Comments. This is my list which I use in a high rate and super high rate servers. Format:- card name-found where-which property to use to kill that monster. Ranger equips Card Details Required for Top Builds. Cards-Head gear cards. kiel cardx2-kh_dun02-holy

Mar 30, 2017 - RODE2: Ragnarok Online Database Engine 2. Reduces damage received from [Demon] and [Undead] races by an additional 10%. When equipped with the spiritual ring accessory, the reduction is 25% which is as close to a carded shield as you could want, and covers both demon and undead races, so it's the same as wearing a Teddy Bear and Khalitzburg card at the same time

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These cards should be your main priority and you need 3 of each on your weapon. Each card gives +7 Critical on Target Race + 10% Critical Damage. This is the key in getting high critical damage and critical rate against monsters. Baby Leopard Card: Use this if you want to save 3 points on Luk Start your journey Today. This is an Old Style way back 2004 nostalgic Ragnarok game, It's definitely non-monitized, pure grinding and farming server that focus on PRE-TRANS play style But, if you have 2 of the same card, and then 2 of a different card, it goes like this. 100% + Card Type 1 total * Card type 2 in %. So, 2x Hydra cards in a 4s weapon gives +40% damage to Demi-Human. Then if you put in say 2 Skeleton Worker cards, that's 30% more damage on top of the 140% damage you are already doing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love 2.0 - Isle of Dreams | Coming Q3 2021. A new generation of RO:M is coming! Pack your bags for a trip to the Isle of Dreams, where incredible adventures await. During the coming weeks, we will be unveiling details of what's coming in this massive new update, which include: Read more

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This is an Old Style way back 2004 nostalgic Ragnarok game, It's definitely non-monitized, pure grinding and farming server that focus on PRE-TRANS play style. FREE Register Monster Ragnarok Odyssey provides six awesomely awesome job classes for you to choose from: Sword Warrior, Hammersmith, Mage, Assassin, Hunter and Cleric. While they're all readily prepared for battle, they each have their own advantages, so don't be afraid to experiment and find which one suits you most (Hammersmith is where it's at, by the way) Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love - Monster Search, Search results for monster Ability / Effect [Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge] During your turn, this card cannot leave the field or be [Rest] and its abilities cannot be nullified by your opponent's card effects, and it cannot be destroyed. When this card attacks, for this turn, this card gets [Triple Attack].If you have 4 life or less, for this turn, this card gets power+10000, critical+1 and [Hextuple Attack] instead!

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These cards were originally planned to be released in S-SP04, but due to the end of product release, they were included in S-SS01A instead. ★ ★ ★ Highlights ★ ★ ★ Buddy Ragnarok x VGE Cross-Campaig Powered by FluxCP. Page generated in 0.02873 second(s). Number of queries executed: 4. Theme THOR RAGNAROK Clip - Matt Damon (2017) MarvelPLOT: Imprisoned, the mighty Thor finds himself in a lethal gladiatorial contest against the Hulk, his former.

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Ragnarok: Asgard Legend is an innovative, retelling of the classic Ragnarok Online story. Experience Ragnarok Online in a familiar, yet entirely unique way. Make an account and play for free today ROGuard - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Databas Nolan Draw:1st - Dark Illusion Card. 6/29/2020 evening.2nd - Moonlight Flower Card. 9/29/2020. evening.3rd - Wood Goblin Card. December 2020.4th - Smokie Car.. Harpy. Demon / Wind / Medium. The half-naked, half-bird subhuman monster likes to captive the weak-minded adventurers (especially male) to become its slave with its attractive body and magical voice! Never face this beautiful demon alone if you're not quite sure you can beat it! Hylozoist Lv 125 Demon / Shadow / Small Zone: Field Skellington - Map List Hamelin - Map List 235900 HP 2316 Base 1300 Job Cursed Bunny Doll [1] Blueprint Hylozoist Card Black Veil Transformation Scroll (Hylozoist) 70 Zeny 352 Zeny Butterfly Wing Scary Pumpkin Undead Katar [2] Lunatic Meat Crea

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Ragnarok Super High Rate Guides to Super High Rate Servers Resist Builds, Hybrid Builds, and Power builds. Holy Robe:15% resistance to Demon monster and 10% to Shadow property Armor Resistance Cards Accessory Card Alligator: 5% resistance to long range attacks Originally a creation of the Gods, Adam lived in the idyllic Garden of Eden. His wife was Eve, a woman accused of eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Adam was informed by two birds that the Serpent had framed Eve after his attempt to rape her failed. Knowing that the Gods were unfair to mortals, Adam fought his way into Heaven's Court, displaying his loyalty to his wife whilst defiantly. Surt appears as a summonable and recruitable demon. He also appears as the first sub-boss of Sector Horologium in Law Path, destroying the elevator to Horologium B9F. Also, he appears in the EX Mission, The Wise Man's Library V, holding half of the last Book of Thoth.. Shin Megami Tensei IV []. Surt is the only source for the Ragnarok skill