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Light Blue Water. The finish consists of pebbles and cement and will vary in color, shade, consistency and exposure. The color and shade will vary throughout the day as the sunlight reflects from different angles. Pebble Tec® brand pool finish is the original pebble pool finish and still delivers the enduring natural elegance and durability. It is a perfect choice for those desiring a more natural environment for their pool and spa. An earthy textured finish comprised of the largest pebbles in our pool finishes. Offers a durable, non-slip and stain-resistant surface. For dazzling brilliance, add Shimmering Sea or Luminous to any PebbleTec® pool finish

The PTI ® Water Color Tool will help you discover your ideal finish in two easy steps. First, choose your preferred water color. Pick from options that range from dark to light blue, with teal or green tints. Then, pick from the many pebble pool finishes. Depending on the shade of water selected in the first step, you'll have different. Thankfully, Pebble Technology International has created a Water Color Selection Tool to help you out with this very process, and they make it super easy. Using the tool, you can select one of six different desired colored ranging from deep dark blue to light blue, as well as green and teal options Use our Water Color Selection Tool to help you choose the perfect finish for your pool. Browse through a variety of finish options and add your favorite enhancements to find the perfect combination - we are sure you'll find a finish to love! Pebble Technology International is the top choice for pool lovers seeking a unique, personalized.

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If you are going to work on a pool building or renovation project, make sure you consider a lot of things like pebble tec pool colors. Other factors to consider include size, location, pool finish, enhancements, water features, and the look and desig For water that looks primarily blue, select a finish with white, blue or gray pigment. For water that appears green, look for green, tan, brown or black pigment. The darker your finish, the darker your pool water will be. The deeper the water, the darker it will appear. Water will seem lighter in shallower areas like steps, ledges, benches, and. As with all Pebble Tec® brand pool finishes, only skilled installers licensed by Pebble Technology, Inc., can apply a Pebble Tec® brand pool finish. A Pebble Tec® pool finish offers a unique, flexible design that will perfectly blend with landscaping and water features. Enduring natural elegance. Experience a spectrum of colors as the. Newbie, Would LOVE some help with Pebble Sheen Colors. brena08. 12 years ago. Hello, we are in the process of building our first pool. We really like the pebble sheen but I'm having a hard time with the colors. We live on 22 acres and have a creek that runs close to our home. We occasionally see snakes. We are trying to have a color that isn't. Pebble Tec - Pebble Sheen - White Diamonds A warm white finish with an earthy assortment of white, grey and golden pebbles. This finish produces a light blue water color and is comparable to PebbleTec White Pearl

Apr 17, 2016 - Explore Miles Weber's board Pebble Sheen Ocean Blue on Pinterest. See more ideas about backyard pool, pool colors, pool finishes I have Tropical Breeze Pebble Tec. There is a lot of pebble color variation, greys, blues, greens, reds, browns and sparkly shell pieces. The water color is a nice blue. We also chose Tec because we like the larger stones/rustic feel. The plaster is a blue/grey so you may not like that part. poolguynj Pebble Tec $$$$ Pebble Tec is on the higher end of the cost spectrum. Pebble Tec is a mix of large pebbles, stone aggregate, and cement. This is the most durable of the plaster pool types as its surface last from 15 to 20 years +. Pebble Tec is the top choice for gunite pool buyers pebble tec colors. Comments (1) anyone out there have or seen one of these pebble tec finishes in person While I loved the color of Tropical breezes water, I liked the pebble color of Tahoe on the stairs and bench. The stones were browns, tans and black. Tropical breeze had red and green stones mixed in there, which in the shallow areas.

Please note, there is no charge for samples or literature and all requests will be approved by your Pebble Technology Sales Representative. To order Pebble Technology samples and literature, simply follow these steps: 1. Choose your samples and literature. 2. Enter quantity and select Add to Cart to add items to your cart. 3 Do dark pebble sheen colors make the water hotter. jbaxley. 11 years ago. and dark blue or black will give you a very dark water color, one that you can't see the bottom. The best you can do is to view the pool surface in other pools in your area, or look online on the company's website for a description of the water color.. Pebble Tec is an aggregate finish and gives an amazing water color effect, especially from shallow to deep end. You can pair this luxurious finish with the most incredible waterline and trim tile. Plus it will be easier, than fiberglass, for water care and balance Pebble Tec Pool Finishes. Pebble Fina Pool Finishes. Pebble Sheen Pool Finishes. Water Features. Pool Decking. Pool Coping. Pool Tile. Pool Products. Inspiration Gallery

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Pebble Tec® is the original pebble pool finish and still delivers the enduring natural elegance and durability that combines beauty with exceptional value. With 18 attractive colors, their original pool interior is the perfect choice for those seeking a more natural look for their pools, spas or water features Pebble Tec® brand pool finish is the original pebble pool finish and still delivers the enduring natural elegance and durability that combines beauty with exceptional value. Available in attractive colors, our original Pebble Tec pool interior is the perfect choice for individuals desiring a more natural look for their pools, spas or water.

  1. ous is a colorful and iridescent glass bead blend that when combined with a natural pool finish offers a glistening effect in the water. This unique enhancement.
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  3. Jul 11, 2016. 46. cary, nc. Feb 10, 2017. #1. I think we have narrowed down pebbleTec color down to 4. Tropical Breeze, Tahoe blue, Caribbean Blue and Blue Lagoon. I don't want fake Windex blue but I also don't want too dark or too green. I know they are the popular colors (I think)
  4. Also, they have examples of pools with each individual color and they have a pool color selector tool which can sort of give you an idea of what it will look like. We wanted a medium blue and are going with Blue Surf with added Shimmering Seas. Pebble Sheen Pool Finishes - Pebble Tec. Reactions: courtneyhi

I was told by one company, that Pebble Tec is not a good product above the water line. (it was popular when it was used on my pool in 2001). The warranty is 2 yrs. above the water line, and 5 yrs. below. I'm remiss to replace Pebble Tec with the same Aug 19, 2017. #1. Hi, we're looking at either Pebble Sheen or Stonescapes Mini Pebbles, depending on the PB we go with. We really want a true turquoise blue water color, verging on teal blue. The online wisdom is that you must go with a tan or sand colored finish to achieve this effect, but the PBs we've talked to say this finish results in a. Pentair Intellichlor IC-60. Dec 22, 2017. #4. If it's PebbleTec and was installed by a licensed P-Tec installer, then they are on the hook for the warranty. My opinion is it has been over-etch/exposed with too many acid washes and/or the water was too aggressive (low pH/TA/CH). My opinion - chip it out and redo it The pebble surface is flawless. I would refer this product to anyone that is re-doing a pool. Debbie M. Pool Finish: New Zealand Tropical. I was so undecided about which product to choose for my pools finish until my builder took me out to look at some of their completed pools. If you don't receive the water color guide within 5 minutes. The house is an old farmhouse (circa 1810). We did opt for pebbletec with glass beads, and glass waterline tile in a color called ice, which is as neutral as glass could be. It is very pale green iridescent glass but when installed just reflects the surrounding colors (pool water and coping). While it sparkles, the overall effect is very subtle

When you bring in Crystal Clear Pools and Spas to MAKE YOUR BACKYARD DREAMS COME TRUE, you can customize your swimming pool water color. We're sharing this blog post from Pebble Tec to walk you through the process of finding your dream pool color. All you have to do once you've picked your color is call Crystal Clear Pools and Spas at (512) 339-9304 Water Color: Light Blue. StoneScapes Mini Aqua Cool pool finish creates light blue water color and is comprised of white Portland cement and features natural white quartz pebble aggregates and Cobalt Blue colored quartz highlights. The beauty of this finish comes from the shade and color variations inherent in natural materials Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen. Saved by Houzz Pro. 82. Pool Ideas Backyard Ideas Swimming Pool Designs Swimming Pools Pebble Tec Pool Pool Plaster Kleiner Pool Design Pool Colors Pool Finishes. More information... More like thi Pebble-Tec has a more solid reputation because they've been in business longer. They also charge slightly high prices because of their reputation. PebbleTec has quarries all over the world, so they can get a larger variety of stones to use. PebbleTec has a large color and shape variety. Their PebbleTec, PebbleSheen, PebbleFina, and.

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Picking a New Finish. There are four distinct types of finishes available featuring Pebble Technology. These include: Pebble Tec, PebbleSheen, PebbleFina, and BeadCrete. PebbleTec is the original pebble pool finish and combines the enduring elegance and durability in a package taht delivers exceptional value for your pool refinishing needs Water Color: Light Gray. StoneScapes French Gray Mini Pebble pool finish creates light gray to medium blue water color and is comprised of French gray pigmented white Portland cement and natural black and white quartz pebble aggregates. The beauty of this finish comes from the shade and color variations inherent in natural materials

1. Small and large pebble finish. If you opt for a pebble tec pool resurfacing with small and large pebble finish, then expect to pay around $7,500 to $18,000 or even more. The price will be influenced by the color of the pebbles, with black and blue pebbles costing slightly more than the lighter materials. 2 Pool remodeling with Sky Blue pool finish lends a refreshing cool color to your swimming pool water. To enhance your pool hue on sunny, clear days, choose Pebble Tec's Sky Blue pool finish NPT pool finish collection offers a wide array of colors and textures from rustic pebble, silky smooth quartz & striking glass beads. Choose your pool finish & water color to complement your pool's atmosphere. For more pool finishes, Visit NPTpool.co Pebble pool surfaces also come in a variety of other colors. There are over 15 color varieties of pebble finishes to choose from, and custom options that can fit your preferences, as well. Texture Choices. Many people complain about the texture of pebble pool surfaces - not from a design standpoint, but from a comfort standpoint

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Pebble Tec Original Pool Finishes. The ORIGINAL aggregate pool finish that delivers enduring elegance and durability. It is a perfect choice for those desiring a more natural environment for their pool and spa. An earthy textured finish comprised of the largest pebbles in our pool finishes. Offers a durable, non-slip and stain-resistant surface You can see the beauty and dimensionality of the NPT StoneScapes Black Puerto Rico Blend Large Pebble pool finish in this spa. Black and dark gray pebbles produce dark green water color with amazingly soothing texture. Natural stone coping surround

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Finest Finish Blends Series and Universal Mini Pebble Series create a large range of vibrant color options. Ultimately the overall color and reflection of your swimming pool is also dependent on the lighting at different times during the day, the surrounding landscape. We invite you to explore some of our most popular finishes in this series 2004 a gunite company located in Houston became the second applicator of Pebble Tec and offered Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen. The good news of Pebble Tec spread rapidly in the Houston Pool Builder market. Behind the scenes at Pebble Tec the ownership split up and in 2005 Wet Edge Technologies was born Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen. Saved by Houzz Pro. 129. Awesome Pools Cool Pools Backyard Pools Pool Landscaping Swimming Pool Designs Swimming Pools Pool Liners Inground Modern Pool And Spa Blue Haven Pools The strength of the Pebble Tec aggregate makes it very strong. With the right care, a Pebble Tec finished pool can last more well over 25 years. Pro #2 - The Color. The colors that Pebble Tec can come in range from nearly black to white, with intervening colors such as Blue Lagoon, Caribbean Blue, Creme de Menthe, Moonlight Gray and Jade

3M Quartz Plaster - is an additive to standard plaster colors of plaster mix to increase the life span of the finish. What breaks down basic plaster is the muriatic acid (Ph) of the pool water. 3M increases life span 4-7 years. Pebble Coat - Micro Pebble Finishes - These finishes are like choosing Granit or Quartz to a kitchen Pebble Tec pool resurfacing cost can also be influenced by the size and color of the pebbles used. For example, you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $7,000 for a pebble finish with small pebbles. On the other hand, costs can run as much as $13,000 to $15,000 for a pebble pool with large pebbles The color will vary throughout the day as the sunlight reflects from different angles. • Failure to follow these instructions can result in costly service and repairs. • Failure to maintain proper water chemistry will void the warranty. When submitting a Pebble Technology warranty claim, you will be required to submit weekly maintenance. Water Color: Dark Blue. StoneScapes Regular Tropics Blue creates a dark blue water color and is comprised of dark blue pigmented white Portland cement, black, gold and white natural quartz pebble aggregates and a specialty blend of colored quartz highlights and abalone shell. The beauty of this finish comes from the shade and color variations.

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  1. Plaster is a mixture of water, marble sand or limestone, and white cement. It's applied to your pool using a flat, rounded-edge trowel. However, it's not always white and can be dyed to fix a different color scheme. It's extremely affordable compared to other resurfacing options, plus it's classic, simple, and elegant
  2. Pebble Technology's Only Online Retailer Constructed using proprietary materials for an optimized design resulting in a reduced weight and enhanced strength. Pigment infused concrete provieds an organic color and ensures an enduring finish. Penetrating sealer offers protection from the elements and enhances the richness of the color
  3. There is no guarantee actual colors will match images shown. View this product on our app! Regular Pebbles. Product: Aqua Cool. Water Color: Light Blue. The beauty of this finish comes from the shade and color variations inherent in natural materials. Love this? Get Samples Find a Contractor. Water Depth
  4. g pool to a more traditional looking pool and, given an almost endless range of colors, pebble shapes, and sizes, to give your pool the perfect feel, unlike a traditional plaster or all tiled pool
  5. Hi Bill. Whilst an acid wash will not change the colour of the pebbles or grout, I think I would still do one first. It is a cheaper solution than replastering or painting. Any concrete /pebble pool surface will darken with age and it may have deposits on it that the acid may lift. We can try an acid wash with the water in and see how we go
  6. g pool water. Discolored but clear pool water. 45 posts 1; 2; 3; Next; estler. brown stains on bottom (pebble tec) Post by estler » Tue 23 May, 2006 19:21 . I woke up yesterday and had a few stains on the bottom of my pool, now today they have multiplied. It almost looks like rust stains

Pool Pebble Instructions. Lower water below repair area. Remove loose cement and chip area down a minimum of a ¼ inch deep. Add 2 oz. of LIQUID CEMENT BONDER per 1½ lb. of DRY POOL PATCH CEMENT MIX. Add water and mix until a putty consistency is achieved. CRACK REPAIRS - Apply POOL PATCH into crack and wipe off excess material with a moist. Re: Pebble Tec gone bad!!!! With a fresh plaster surface it is better to start with a high TA level as this produces sodium hydroxide a very hard and water tight surface. Once properly cited the TA can be reduced in line with the LSI index figures NPT Pool Finishes. Finish your pool with distinction! The NPT Pool Finish Collection offers a wide array of colors and textures to make your pool as unique as you are. From rustic pebble, to silky smooth quartz, or even striking glass beads - you'll find a finish to suit every pool

Pebble Radiance is a blended glass formed with a pebble finish to enhance a pool with supreme color reflection. Bring your pool to life with the dramatic sparkle of Pebble Radiance to complete the custom pool experience Our CrystalStones® collection delivers brilliant water color with a durable, natural pebble pool finish. Available in two pebble sizes, Natural and Smooth, we offer 28 gorgeous finishes. CrystalStones Smooth pebble finishes, provide an evenly textured surface, by utilizing a smaller pebble size that is easy on the skin, yet extremely durable Signature Matrix blends the Pearl and Satin Matrix sizes, giving an even smoother texture than either by themselves. This special blend is also very appealing visually, allowing you to really appreciate the color and beauty of each stone as you look down into your pool

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Hi everybody, I am new here and have a pool under construction. I am at the stage where I need to pick water color. I am very sold on Pebble Tec's Pebble Brilliance Deep Cove. My salesperson / designer has made it sound very complicated and expensive to get this and I cannot tell is he is just.. Water Color: Dark Blue. A tropical blue pebble pool finish such as StoneScapes Regular Pebbles Tropics Blue gives the illusion of depth, making your poolscape even more invigorating and refreshing. This exciting dark turquoise hue is created using pebbles that give it vibrant color and fantastic texture. Sand. Click On Image To Enlarge

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The pebble tec pool resurfacing cost is around $3,500 to $8,500 for a rough coating, then the average pebble tec estimate for a polished finish is around $5,000 to $10,000. The price will really depend on the color and style of a pebble tec material. But in case that you want to know the price for using a marble dust plaster for your pool. Brown stains on bottom (pebble tec) Swimming Pool Pro, Chlorine is added through skimmer (3'Tabs) Total chlorine and Free is 5.0,Alkalinity 100. Calcium 120. PH 7.0. Stabilizer 50, no copper or iron in water. Pool holds between 12000-13000 gals. When I shock used chlorine shock predisolved With properly maintained pool water, it will last 8 to 12 years. However, in regions with particularly hard water (water with high alkalinity and calcium), the pool water wreaks havoc on marcite's endurance. In these cases, quartz or pebble is almost always a smarter choice With an always-on color E-Paper display, water resistance up to 30 meters, durable glass lens, and thin, curved ergonomic design, you'll love wearing Pebble Time anywhere and everywhere. From the gym to the dinner table, from morning sun to the wee hours, Time keeps you connected while living in the moment Pebble Tec At Cipriano Landscape Design. of New Jersey, owner Chris Cipriano shares some details on variations and longevity of plaster and plaster alternatives.. Textured, pebble finishes such as Pebble Tec cost more, but they last over twenty years and have a unique, sparkling look. Because the pebbles can be rough in texture if too much aggregate is exposed, we don't recommend this option.

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MMG serves as one of the best sub-contractor commercial and residential gunite pool construction companies and Pebble Tec applicators in the Southwest. Modern Method Gunite is Houston' leading gunite contractor and your first choice for Gunite Pool Services and Pebble Tec® pool finishes. We are an established family owned and operated. YES! We are proud to clean pool tile, clean pebble-tec, fountains, spillways, flagstone, water features, natural stone, rock and brick. We also provide Pool Acid Wash ing & Pool Draining Services for all plaster and pebble-tec pools, all with Amazing Results! If it has stains or calcium, Bullfrog can clean it StoneScapes Mini Pebble pool finish provides a smooth surface for your in-ground pool. StoneScapes pool finishes last between 15 and 25 years with the proper maintenance. This resilient material will enhance the look of your outdoor oasis and is more durable than traditional pool plaster. For your pool renovation, take the time to choose the. Our Mini Pebble surface offers the durability of pebble without the roughness of traditional standard pebble. It's smoother because the aggregate we use is smaller than the standard pebble surfaces you'll find. Our Baja Mini Pebble is a CDC Pools exclusive to our Phoenix pool remodeling strategy and comes in a variety of colors

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The newest in micro-pebble available on the market, smoother than traditional and mini pebble. Enhanced with our pre-blended Universal High-Performance Cement™, enriched with pozzolans and polymers. Rich pigments to achieve brilliant shades of water color. Assurance of strength and longevity. Durable, non-slip and stain resistant Pebble Technology Corp Smartwatch for iPhone/Android Smartphone - Silver/red 197 $69.95 $ 69 . 95 Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor, 14-Day Battery Life, Music Control, 1.65 Display, Sleep and Swim Tracking, GPS, Water Resistant, Smart Notifications, Lava Gray 7,19 Beautiful Pool pictures from the Pool Works gallery. Pools with Pebble Tec finishes, Paver decking, and Water features. Natural rock pools in Bradenton, Parrish, Lakewood Ranch. Inground swimming pools and spas. Remodeled pools in Palmetto So when people say Pebble Tec, what they really mean most of the time is pebble finish. In terms of prices, a typical Pebble Tec pool resurfacing cost is estimated at $5,000 to $7,000 for simple resurfacing projects. Meanwhile, the more high-end Pebble Tec remodels can easily cost as much as $8,000 to $15,000

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Pebble finishes are rich in color and have subtle color changes with the depth of the pool. A tan color shows the most dramatic change in color. The shallow steps will show the true golden tan color but as the pool gets deeper the water takes on a beautiful emerald color. Pebble finishes are superior in durability With Pebble Radiance, the sunshine and moonbeams reflect beautifully against your pool bottom. Offered in four styles and 14 total options, Pebble Radiance is a patented formula of blended glass formed with a pebble finish to enhance a pool with supreme color reflection. In Arizona, it is exclusively available at Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio Colors exclusively for Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio, Pebble Radiance is blended glass formed with a pebble finish to enhance a pool with supreme color reflection. Bring your pool to life with the dramatic sparkle of Pebble Radiance to complete the custom pool experience. Radiant Fusion creates vibrant water hues while the ultra-smooth. Due to the variegated look of marble, polishing it not only makes it smooth but also affects the look of the water's color and texture. Pebble Aggregate Image by Monica Group. In contrast to polished aggregates like quartz and marble, pebble aggregate is exposed. A mixture of cement with smooth stones, pebbles, and dyes create this blue. In this regard, how do I clean my Pebble Tec pool surface? Acid washing is a process that is done on a pebble tec® or plaster pool to remove a thin layer of the surface to remove stubborn stains and calcium deposits. The pool is drained and the sides scrubbed. Then a solution of muriatic acid and water is applied to remove the top coat of the pool..

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