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Sickening video footage shows the seconds before a woman falls to her death from the 27th floor of a high-rise block as she loses her balance while taking a selfie. The 27-year-old was named. 10 Selfies That Were Taken Moments Before Death - AllTimeTopSubscribe to Our channel- https://goo.gl/PUm7OKOther Videos You Might Like - Top 10 hot teachers.. 1. In what might be the greatest tragedy of all, a Polish couple fell off a cliff in Portugal after crossing a safety barrier to take a selfie. They were sur..

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  1. utes before the crash. It was in December 2012 when the Mexican pop star Jennie Rivera and others on a private jet took a selfie before taking off. It was the last selfie they took as the private jet crashed immediately after taking this selfie and.
  2. A teenager fell off a building to his death after allegedly trying to take a selfie for the trend known as roof topping or roofing; this involves taking sel..
  3. The terrifying final photos of people who died taking selfies One last look. Miles Klee. Internet Culture. Published Apr 1, 2016 Updated May 27, 2021, 12:22 am CDT But he waited so long he.
  4. 6. Deleon Alonso Smith, a 19 year old father from Houston, Texas, accidently shot himself dead whilst trying to take a selfie with a gun. 7. North Carolina resident, Courtney Ann Sanford, 32, died in a head-on collision with a truck after uploading a selfie to Facebook while driving
  5. Photo : Scott Olson/Getty. A teenage boy in India shot himself in the head while posing for a selfie with his father's .32 caliber pistol. The victim, 15-year-old Ramandeep Singh, had meant to tap.

Reggaeton star Jadiel posted this selfie on social media of him on a motorbike with helmet on. Moments later, news was all over of his death in a motor cycle accident. So sad. Gary Slok and his mum took a selfie while aboard the Malaysian Plane, MH17, and sent to his school friends SEXY selfies can really get a girl noticed - but then again, so can really unsexy ones. And these women know all about that having seen their homemade glamour shots go viral for all the wrong reasons These days taking selfies is a favorite pastime around the world. But did you know it can turn deadly? Our list covers 7 Heartbreaking Deaths While Taking Se.. Police ruled the victim's death an accident, according to her bereaved relatives. Related Video. Video length 50 seconds :50. This woman takes some of the most dangerous selfies in the world

Still, the selfie-death studies are a reasonable proxy for the trend and our best source of hard data. advertisement. The leading cause of death while taking selfies is drowning, followed by. Selfie accidents range from silly to deadly all over the world. A 2017 report found that 127 people worldwide have died while taking selfies. An unidentified woman, 52, fell from the 15th-floor. A recent study by researchers in India found that there have been at least 259 selfie-related deaths around the world since 2011, and one of the leading causes of selfie death in the world is falling On Thursday, musician Pete Wentz finally reached this milestone, transforming before our very eyes from a Fall Out Boy into a Fall Out Man. Unfortunately for him, this particular death hoax identified Wentz as James Crowlett, a 34-year-old insurance salesman from Oregon, in a fake news story titled Man Takes Selfie Moments Before Deadly.

Horrifying moment teen 'who wanted to take a selfie' falls nine stories to his death after struggling for ten minutes to climb back onto high-rise roof Rescuers desperately tried to get to the. Selfies Gone Wrong: 47 Of The Worst Selfies Ever. 99% percent of the time, selfies end up as dull reminders of someone's narcissism. The other times though, something wonderful happens that transforms the mundane into the maniacal. Today, we celebrate those moments when selfies went hilariously wrong: Sponsored Posts Too Hot For BuzzFeed We've compiled the best—no, worst selfie shots into one compelling compilation video. The video starts with the top 10 selfie deaths, followed up by other se.. A 17-year-old girl plunged 30 feet to her death as she climbed onto a railway bridge to take a selfie. Xenia Ignatyeva was a month short of her 18th birthday when she fell and was hit by 1,500 volts as she was electrocuted when she tried to grab live wires

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1 The teenager who plunged 60ft to her death onto the rocks below after trying to take selfie. In June 2014, a teenager died after plunging 60 ft onto jagged rocks as she tried to take a selfie. Isabella Fracchiolla, 16, was trying to take a photograph of herself during a school trip to the seaside town of Taranto, in southeastern Italy Sofia Cheung, Hong Kong Instagram influencer, died while trying to take a selfie at a waterfall. The tragic incident happened as the 32-year-old social media star fell into a 16-feet pool while attempting to take selfies at a waterfall in Pineapple Mountain site on Saturday. Her friends contacted the emergency services and took her to hospital, but she was declared dead on arrival Woman Tragically Falls to Her Death After Selfie Attempt Miserably Fails. Home; News. New Study Identifies China As World's Biggest Generator Of Single-Use Plastic Waste. Kim Jong-un Bans Mullets And Skinny Jeans In North Korea. US, China Must Find Common Ground Or War Could Ruin Us All, Said Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong

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  1. A girl fell to her death from the balcony of her family's apartment in Dubai while trying to take a picture of herself on Saturday. The Asian girl, 16, was stood on a chair on the balcony of the 17th floor flat, attempting to take a selfie with the emirate's skyline in the background
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  3. Larking around on the edge of a 500ft crumbling cliff, these tourists happily dice with death in the search for the perfect selfie. At one stage they even appeared to be daring each other to go.
  4. A quick search for death by selfie reveals similarly sad stories. A 17-year-old Russian girl was electrocuted while taking a selfie on a bridge. A 21-year-old man in Spain climbed on top of a.
  5. g — July 13, 2021 48 comments. This video is not intended for young viewers and contains disturbing clip from actual videos of people moments before they died or seriously injured due to improper taking of selfie. This is..
  6. Selfie Fail: Couple Plunges To Their Death From Cliff While Children Watch In Horror. Link/Page Citation A married couple plunged to their death after their attempt at a cliff side selfie failed. Their children reportedly watched in horror as their parents fell 80 meters down to the rocky sea..
  7. 5- Last Underwater Selfie. A Chinese man pushed his enthusiasm for a selfie with a walrus to extreme and ignored all the safety precautions. He entered a pool where a female walrus weighing 1.5 ton dragged him underwater and drowned him to death. Apparently the walrus was not interested in selfie and wanted to play her own games
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A BLOG ABOUT NIGERIAN ENTERTAINMENT GOSSIPS AND HAPPENINGS.NOLLYWOOD GISTS AND BREAKING STORIES.NIGERI Tourists took a selfie at the edge of a deadly cliff and nearly died. In the UK, a group of tourists posed on the edge of a deadly cliff 150 meters high and nearly died. Reported by the Daily Mail. The incident occurred on Thursday, July 29, at Burling Gap in East Sussex. The cliff is prone to the country's worst coastal erosion, but this did. 22 Selfies Taken Moments Before Death. TOP 10 TV. Takip et. 5 yıl önce | 29 görüntülenme. 1. In what might be the greatest tragedy of all, a Polish couple fell off a cliff in Portugal after crossing a safety barrier to take a selfie. They were survived by their. Bildir

Selfies, defined as a self-portrait photograph typically taken with a smartphone in one's hand or with the help of a selfie stick, are one of the most popular trends to make an appearance on social media in recent years. These kind of pictures are usually taken to boast about an event or an achievement or as a gesture of self-love Oregon man falls to his death while posing in tree for photo on oceanside cliff. The 43-year-old man climbed a tree to pose for a photo Sunday and fell around 100 feet after a tree limb broke. Few of us would ever think that the very thing we love so much could one day lead to our death. In fact, more people are now killed in selfie-related deaths than shark attacks! Below are 10 of the most bizarre ways that people have died due to their favorite electronic devices. 10 Man Walks Off A Cliff While Using His Phon 12 of 18. This is Gary Slok, posing for a selfie with his mom right before their flight lifts off from Amsterdam in June 2014, at the start of their South Pacific vacation. A few hours later, their flight, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, was shot down over Ukraine with no survivors. Source: Blog Gang Sofia Cheung was a social media influencer who fell to her death while posing for a photo for her Instagram page. The 32-year-old Hong Kong woman was with three friends at Ha Pak Lai park when she.

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The best selfie fails: 10 self-portraits gone awry By Joe Donovan December 6, 2014 Last year, a British study reported that selfies are one of the most popular genres of photography Feb 28, 2016 - No, that was not a cute picture. Perhaps look at yourself and surroundings a bit better next time?. See more ideas about selfie fail, funny pictures, bones funny Nine people are presumed dead after trying to take a selfie in Indonesia. The group of 19 people were aboard a boat on Kedung Ombo Boyolali Reservoir in Central Java. As it was about to stop at a. Oct 27, 2019 - Explore All The Things's board Selfies Gone Wrong on Pinterest. See more ideas about selfies gone wrong, selfie fail, funny selfies

A tourist plunged to his death after losing his footing while trying to take a selfie at the edge of the Grand Canyon. The unnamed man, who was in his late 50s and from Hong Kong, slipped off a. So much about death, and the grief that it inspires, is abstract. Of course, some of these are more defensible than others -- but even the worst of Selfies at Funerals fail to inspire my outrage When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Sánchez. In January 2018, a young woman fell to her death when she lost her balance while taking a selfie at the top of El Manto de la Virgen waterfall in Santander, Colombia. Continue reading Girl (19) falls to her death when taking selfie at waterfal

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Thanks to the creation of smartphones and social media, selfies have become the most popular and convenient way to get photos of yourself. Teenagers and adults alike have learned to master the art. unilad.co.uk - An influencer has died after falling 16ft off a waterfall while taking pictures. 32-year-old Sofia Cheung was visiting Hong Kong's Ha Pak Lai park RELATED: 25 Funny Quotes For Instagram Selfie Captions To Make Your Followers LOL When it comes to building a platform of dedicated followers, you definitely need to think about your captions. I'm.

Selfie-seekers ignore social distancing rules at Catalonia's highest peak There are still 16,000 public telephones in Spain Second Brit dies after fall while snapping selfie at Costa Blanca beac 31. Kim's Hips. It is one of the most iconic celebrity Photoshop fails. Kim Kardashian is a living legend but when she becomes a trend-setter, it looks slightly disturbing. This model didn't benefit much from being photoshopped. 32. Inexplicable Angles. This model's pose seems to defy the laws of geometry

This selfie phone costs just Rs 899! Cheapest way to beautiful yet, affordable selfies; packs dual SIM Girl drowned while taking selfie; Woman falls out of second story window while snapping a selfie, and dies. Toni Kelly Death: Instagram Star Tries To Take Selfie Hanging Out Of Window, Accidentally Falls To He May 18, 2020 - Explore Jewels Boumans's board selfie fail memes, followed by 163 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about selfie fail, selfie, fails SELFIE FAILS More Fail Videos here (Youtube): https://bit.ly/2JQgGc Funny Selfie Fails. Funny Videos Now posted an episode of a series.. May 19, 2019


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Kim Kardashian tried to take a selfie with an elephant in Thailand on March 28, but he wasn't having it. BrianPrahl/Splash News Online. Thailand has really blown Kim Kardashian away! The social. A 43-year-old Concrete man died Sunday after accidentally shooting himself in the face with what he thought was an unloaded gun. The man and his girlfriend were at a residence in the 46000 block. 3. Recaption. Just kidding, the cat exiled him from any sort of human contact until the end of winter. Comments. animals. Cats. forever alone. photobomb. sad but true Wisconsin Judge Finds Probable Cause to Charge Officer For Shooting a Black Man to Death in 2016 Five years after a Wisconsin police officer shot and killed a Black man as he sat in a parked car, a judge declared he found probable cause to charge the officer for creating an unreasonable and substantial risk of death in the shooting World Death Selfie A man died after falling off the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland while trying to take a selfie, authorities said. The unidentified man was visiting the cliffs, in County Clare, on.

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  1. A 17-year-old boy in Russia has died after falling 9 stories from a rooftop while engaging in extremely dangerous rooftopping photography.. The goal of the stunt was another eye-catching.
  2. The Biggest Selfie FAILs In Internet History. Brian Gilmore. Updated July 7, 2021 44.2k votes 11.5k voters 4.1m views 46 items. List Rules Upvote the funniest selfie FAILs, downvote the ones that you deem socially acceptable. filter the list by
  3. A social media star has died after falling off a waterfall while trying to take a selfie to share with her 6,000 Instagram followers. Sofia Cheung, 32, fell 16 feet to her death into the Tsing Dai stream near Yuen Long, Hong Kong on Saturday. She had spent the day with three friends at Ha Pak Lai nature park before the tragedy unfolded
  4. Here you have a list with 10 selfies taken moments before death! The terrifying events are known all over the internet and by making them popular, it should represent a way to prevent such horrible things to happen. 1.Xenia Ignatyeva The 17-year-old Russian girl, Xenia Ignatyeva climbed on a 28 feet bridge and took this Continue reading 10 Deadly Selfies
  5. 14 Venus with the Smash. Venus Williams is arguably one of the best female tennis players of all time. She has 22 WTA titles to her name and has won grand slams like Wimbledon and the US open. This is a woman who even went to the Olympics and won nothing less than four gold medals and one silver medal

In an shocking incident that took place on 10 May, a child falls off escalator when her parents were trying to snap a selfie. Reports say the little girl --- who was just 10 months old --- slipped through her mother's arms and plunged to her death over the railing of the escalator It appears to be a selfie epidemic, said Michael Ghiglieri, co-author of Off the Wall: Death in Yosemite, a 2007 book about fatal accidents in the park An Oregon couple's honeymoon vacation in Florida took a dramatic turn of events as the newly wed took a selfie of himself just moments before he fell victim to a deadly shark attack. The 34 year.

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  1. o effect while taking a.
  2. Tourists can often land themselves in trouble by walking blindly into cultural no-nos or worse, seeking the attention of millions. While some are cringe-worthy and face-palm-inducing at best, others are simply horrific. From serious butt nudity to social faux pas and plenty in between, we've ranked the 11 worst backpacker fails in the Land of Smiles
  3. A TRAGIC couple shared a last selfie with their three sons moments before they were killed in a horrific head-on crash. Nathan and Chei David, both 46, from Victoria, Australia were on holiday in Tasmania with their three teenage sons when they were killed in the collision. The horror accident.
  4. RIP pop-up selfie cameras. We hardly knew ye. OnePlus is ditching the pop-up camera, signaling the demise of an innovative but short-lived feature. Tristan Rayner is a Senior Editor compiling the.
  5. ding us to never neglect child safety. In an shocking incident that took place on 10 May, a child falls off escalator when her parents were trying to snap a selfie. Reports say the little girl — who was just 10 months old — slipped through her mother's arms and plunged to her death over the railing of.
  6. Sexting Pics To The Wrong Person Lvl: Parents. Of course parents aren't totally naive, they understand that 'send nudes' is something that goes on among their sons and daughters. But Christ, they don't want it shoved in their face by actually receiving those explicit pics. Equally, children don't want to be on the receiving end of sexting pics.

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Man Dies Attempting Selfie With Bear, Stray Dog Tried To Save Him. INDIA (CBSDFW.COM) - A man was mauled to death by a bear after he reportedly tried to take a selfie with the animal, according. Local authorities are calling the woman's death the result of a tragic freak accident. a Polish couple fell to their deaths while taking a selfie near a cliff's edge in Cabo da Portugal. A Japanese tourist dies at the Taj Mahal after allegedly slipping down a staircase, with one eyewitness saying the tourist had been taking a selfie

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A well-known rooftopper fell to his death from a 62-storey building in China while attempting to record a selfie video for a contest that came with $19,000 in prize money. Wu Yongning, 26. She stated, Your selfie is your head shot so you can reinvent yourself every day with your IPhone. It's a legitimate form of promoting yourself.. Lavey's experience highlights how people have become obsessed with being Insta-celebrities, and how a selfie determines your status in that social world. The story of 19 year old Danny. Jinger Duggar has rubbed some of her fans the wrong way with her latest selfie, leaving many fans upset. In contrast, others questioned some of the Counting On alum's decisions regarding her children. Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo are still celebrating the birth of daughter Evangeline back in November 2020, sharing the experience on social media. But like most social media posts, many people. A woman takes a selfie at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean on Ipanema beach on 2 June 2017. Padang - Five members of an Indonesian family drowned when a dock where they were taking a selfie collapsed, police said on Thursday, just weeks after a similar fatal accident. The family of 14 were at picturesque Kandi Lake in West Sumatra, when they.

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Meet The Selfie Drone That Lives in Your Phone Case Would You Be Comfortable With Doctors and Nurses Taking Selfies While You Were in Surgery 14 Bathroom Selfie Fails These Celebs Should Have Never Posted (+ 18 Caught With Embarrassing Things in the Background) This Is How Many Attempts It Takes To Nail A Selfie 19 Year-Old Plunges To Her Death Attempting Waterfall Selfie . Sophie Simmons is looking more stunning than ever, and the 23-year-old says she's proud of how she looks now, which is why she's been sharing some racier selfies Selfie FAIL: Camel attempts to eat tourist. THIS blogger was nearly eaten by a camel. That's perhaps an overstatement, but it's one hilarious hump-day story

July 8, 2017. According to CBS News, a 22-year-old woman was killed and eight others were wounded when two men opened fire on a gender reveal party. Additionally, the mother-to-be was reportedly. Part 4: Useful Tips to Avoid Samsung galaxy sudden death. Some of the tips you should follow in order to avoid Samsung galaxy sudden death: • Always use antivirus to protect your phone from viruses. • Never install applications from untrusted sources. • Backup your Samsung phone regularly so you can restore data when anything happens

The first known selfie-related death occurred 15 March 2014, when a man electrocuted himself on top of a train. 2014, 'The Year of the Selfie', was also the year Makati and Pasig, 'Selfie Capital of the World', saw their first selfie-related death when a 14-year-old girl fell from the 3rd floor staircase landing to the 2nd The failed selfie (but successful fail video) occurred during a MSNBC segment about a nurses union and the CDC's new mask guidelines. As correspondent Guad Venegas speaks near the beach in Santa. Three visitors were injured, one fatally, in falls in Yosemite National Park last week, and officials are imploring tourists to avoid venturing off-trail.. A 21-year-old man died after he slipped. When they took the selfie, the bird was scared to death and could have had a heart attack right then and there. Flynt isn't exaggerating here. It may seem counterintuitive, but when a bird is caught in a trap, the stress of a rescue could literally give it a heart attack Celebrities' Biggest Social Media Fails Posting a selfie makes his death about you and how cool you felt taking a picture with him. — Armie Hammer (@armiehammer) November 12, 2018

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With a report. Just you know, Charles was making sure Pam was locked in. Little smelling stuff. Look at the reaction. Uh responsible for operational matters in this in essence making life and death decisions. Life and death decisions. Sorry about that. Fit. Well, it was a cat Our goal: the top of California's 14,494-foot Mount Whitney, three hours north of Los Angeles, at the southern end of the Sierra Nevada. It's the tallest peak in the lower 48, and the grueling. Death certificates are a matter of public record. Go to the court house of the county where the person resided (or maybe died) and explain to the clerk who you need death certificate for, where they resided or died, and the date of their death. Yo.. Mexican influencer and bodybuilder Odalis Santos Mena's pictures go viral after her death. Spanish sports presenter Sara Carbonero will steal your heart with her sensational pictures KHLOE Kardashian shared a sweet selfie with her daughter True and her nieces after her photoshop fail. The KUWTK star, 37, suffered an editing blunder last week when she appeared to have six toes while posing in a neon pink bikini. The reality star flashed a pout at the camera, while the kids.

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And, in June, a university graduate died after trying to take a selfie while hanging from a Moscow bridge. Most recently a 17-year-old boy fell to his death from a rooftop as he tried to take his. Teen's Death By Selfie Inspires Seatbelt Safety Awareness Campaign. SPRING (CBDFW.COM) - The parents of a 16-year-old ejected from a car after she removed her seatbelt to take a selfie are.

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A Black Minnesota state lawmaker who rose to prominence after the fatal shooting of his friend Philando Castile came under increasing pressure to resign Monday, after old domestic abuse allegations surfaced as he was already dealing with fallout over an acrimonious traffic stop. Legislative Republicans threatened to file an ethics complaint against John Thompson, who became an outspoken. Iconic Death Valley landmark vandalized. Katie Dowd , SFGATE. Sep. 22, 2016 Updated: Sep. 22, 2016 4 p.m. 50. 1 of 50. A photo from the National Park Service shows the damage done to Death Valley. 'Anti-selfie' bill fails to click in House, is sent back to committee 3 suspects in Dacera death freed amid cries for justice. newsinfo Guns out, windows smashed: Trump crowd turns. Ohhh No..Balloon burst.. Animal r too funny.. A revolution needs two elements to succeed: 'people power' conspicuously disrupting normal life, and demands that differ from the current regime's. Without those, it's a theatrical, easily hijacked mob: see the US since 2001 Demi Lovato has been exploring their identity in a major way lately, and they have been sharing the journey with their fans. The pop star recently came out as non-binary and now uses they/them pronouns, and they have opened up quite a bit about their quest to be more loving to themselves. Lovato shared a vulnerable selfie from their tub on social media, explaining that this was their purest.